Technology and Library Services Department

Troup ISD Technology & Library Services

The Department of Technology and Library Services is comprised of two separate divisions - technology and library services. Both divisions are under the supervision of the Executive Director of Technology and Library services. It is the primary responsibility of both departments to provide the resources and support necessary for teaching and learning.

The primary responsibility of the technology team is to maintain all technology equipment in classrooms and on the network. Currently, there are approximately 1200 computers in operation throughout the district, along with iPads, iPods, wireless slates, video conferencing equipment, interactive white boards, projectors, laptops, tablet PCs, printers, and a variety of other equipment and software. Our network, under the management of Teresa Waggoner, is comprised of a 10 gigabit fiber backbone with a 200MB connection to the Internet with fiber transport. Additionally, the district's phone system is a Voice Over IP system and runs on the network along with the district's security cameras and a host of other crucial network devices. By the way, we are very proud of Mrs. Waggoner. She was named the TCEA Golden Apple Technical Support Person of the Year for 2010-2011 for the State of Texas!


Technology Staff
Amanda Byers
Technology Specialist
Campus tech support is critical to our success. Mrs. Amanda Byers provides support on the elementary campus meeting the needs for the faculty and students. Along with tech support, Mrs. Byers tracks and maintains the fixed assets inventory for the entire district. She was named the Troup ISD Paraprofessional/Auxiliary Person of the Month for February 2011!
Karla McCormack
Technology and Assistant
Textbook Coordinator
Ms. Karla McCormack began her employment as a library assistant at Troup Elementary. She has also worked in the high school and middle school libraries, but has since moved into technology. Among her many responsibilities, she also handles instructional materials/textbook orders for the district.

Heather Colvin
District Network Manager
Mrs. Heather Colvin is a recent addition to our staff. Mrs. Colvin provides technical support for faculty and students at Troup High School. She has distinguished herself as a go getter and a fearless technical troubleshooter. Mrs. Colvin was named the Troup ISD Paraprofessional for October 2012!

Campus libraries are responsible for providing access to resources and information for both students and teachers, as well as other district employees. Troup ISD houses a wide variety of print materials for students, from books to magazines and newspapers. On average, campus libraries circulate a combined total of more than 50,000 books to students each year! Our kids love to read!

Teachers also have access to a large collection of audio visual resources through our libraries.  Other library services include faculty access to United Streaming and online access to the TexShare Databases via our local public library.

Library Staff

Carrie Williams
Troup Elementary School
Library Assistant
  NicoleNicole Walker
Troup Middle School
Library Assistant







Jane Walston
Troup High School
Library Assistant







Shannon Capps
Executive Director of Technology & Library Services

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