East Texas State Fair Art Contest Results

CONGRATULATIONS to the following students on placing in the East Texas State Fair Art Contest in Tyler!  These beautiful pieces of art are on display in front of the trophy cases. Enjoy looking at them, just remember not to touch them, please.
Lilly Forgy - First Place and Tri-Color Ribbon
First Place Winners
Katrina Smith
Carlie Melton
Samantha Oller
Suzie Barron
Jayla Wroten
Esmerelda Gonzales
Eugenio Uribe

Second Place Winners
Ryley Beason
Alyssa White
Damian Rodriguez
Emily Bednarz
Hannah Blunk
Kaylee Ayler

Third Place Winners
Mike Orduna
Riley Robinson
Trisha Dunnahoe
Echo Thompson
Kaitlin Rainwater

Honorable Mention Winners
Chiara Webb
Mia Covington
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