District Tennis Meet Results

The JV Boys' team is District Champion.
The Varsity Boys' team is Runner Up.
The Varsity Girls' team is District Champion.
Individual awards included:
Girls' Doubles - District Champions Jessie Minnix & Avery Thibodeaux (Regional Qualifiers)
Mixed Doubles - District Champions Marigold Hunter & Clayton Vickers (Regional Qualifiers)
Boys Doubles -  2nd place  Raul Moreno & Hayden Dillon (Regional Qualifiers)
Girls' singles -  3rd place Skylar Phillips
Boys' Singles -  3rd place Quintin Taylor
Girls' Doubles -  3rd place Brittany Pincock & Courtney Thurman
Boys' Doubles -  4th place Lucas Roger & Conner Boyd
Mixed Doubles - 4th place  Jordan Jessie & Danielle Pucket