Welcome to Troup Middle School!

Our Faculty and staff is committed to educating all of our students. We strive to make our school a clean, safe environment in which learning is a priority. Our staff is determined to meet our students at their area of need and push them to where they are required to be to compete in today's changing society. An important goal is to teach our students how to make responsible choices. This is not always the popular choice. We use logical consequences for poor choices. Rewards are a large part of our school so students understand there is a benefit to being productive. We want our school to excel academically as well as athletically. Well-rounded students with a thirst for excellence make Troup ISD second to none.

Faculty and Staff


Ava Johnson, Principal Linda Salgado, Assistant Principal
Brandy Tomlin, Secretary Lori Burke, Counselor
Dowdy, Cassie Travis, Brenda
Drummond, Chelsey Vandegriff, Tim
Eastman, Melissa West, Rebecca
Hamilton, Sam Wilkinson, Jill, Librarian
Hart, Kristan Wilson, Judy
Herron, Mallory Wilson, Ruth
Hoffpauir, Jane Zamazal, Bre'Aun
Hull, Kolby Paraprofessionals
Lawson, Brian Adams, Sharon
McGeHee, Randall Davis, Pat
Rodgers, Lauren Fields, Lorinda
Selden, Donna Herebia, DomoniqueDomonique
Tindall, James Mayo, Courtney
Go Tigers!
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