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Mission Statement
The mission of the educational program at Troup Elementary is to prepare students to function academically in a changing society. Emphasis will also be placed on the social and physical development of the students.

Educational Philosophy
We at Troup Elementary believe that all students can learn when provided with a quality education in a positive environment, which will give the students a sense of dignity and equity. We believe that we can accomplish this with school, parent, and community cooperation. We believe that education should be a positive experience which will make possible the physical, emotional, moral, social, and civic development of our students.

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Welcome to Troup Elementary School!

We are pleased to have you as partners in educating our young students. It is essential that we prepare students to function socially and academically in our rapidly changing society. It is our commitment to develop an environment that enhances student's self-esteem and encourage innovative thinking while maintaining a high level of discipline. Parental involvement is also critical to the academic and social success of each student on our campus. Without your support it would be impossible to maintain a safe and positive environment that is conducive to learning. We will do our best to ensure your child experiences academic, social, and emotional growth.

Faculty and Staff

Troup Elementary

Melanie Johnson, Principal Amy Ledford, Assistant Principal
Carri Jackson, Secretary Kelli Lindsey, Receptionist
Adams, Kristi Newman, Pam
Berryman, Michelle Norris, Brandy
Bright, Sophia Owens, Misti
Chambers, Jessica Palmer, Baily
Corbett, Latricia Read, Jamye
Cover, Dusti Reid, Christine
Daniel, Judy Shofner, Kimberly
Dean, Heather Tate, Melanie
Derrick, Heather Tinkle, Kalli
Dyess, Kayla Waites, Suzanne
Eeds, Melissa Wilson, Danna
Elliott, Micha Wright, Charitie
Fain, Jessica Wroten, Rebecca
Harper, Julie  
Hartmann, Lesley Support Staff
Herington, Jo Ann Byers, Amanda
Hewitt, Ivy Byrd, Katherine
Howard, Angela Davis, Sandra
Howell, Melissa Harrison, Tonya
Hultberg, Cherish Larison, Laurie, School Nurse
Knighton, Kimberly Roberson, Lashonda
Leonard, Sarah Sanders, Janice
Lowry, Amber Spencer, Tammy
Martin, Dorian Whitehead, Chassity
McRee, Jenifer Williams, Carrie, Library Assistant
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